A fireplace of style is also a fireplace of safety with Qualton. Our stonemasonry skills are established on combined decades of world-class, industry best-practices and experience. Our craftsmanship is second to none. Whether you are looking for something in the manner of modern design, or perhaps something a little more traditional, Qualton stand by the quality of the stone fireplace surrounds in Melbourne which we create especially for you. Timeless elegance and total style.  This is who we are.  It’s what we do. 

We can’t wait to invite you to visit our in-store collection.  We’d be honoured to walk you through the best of our selection so you can either choose your ideal design directly, or possibly consider collaborating with our team to design something fresh for you. 

If you’d love to leave the guesswork up to us from end-to-end, we’ve got you there, too.  Qualton experts listen.  We care about your project and, your right to have the perfect indoor stone fireplace for your home, office, guest-house or perhaps for your investment property. 

Leave the hard work with us and we’ll go above and beyond your highest expectations to bring you the ultimate indoor stone fireplace to suit your requirements, as a matter of course. 

Our current collection of designs have been hand-picked by our team of experts and we are proud to present you with the latest in contemporary or classic design options.  We pride ourselves on being world-class and always, of course, compliant with national and international industry guidelines and best-practices regarding safety and risk minimisation to ensure that for now and generations to come, you and your family and guests are always assured that your indoor stone fireplace is crafted and constructed with safety guarantees that meet current installation recommendations and tradesmanship safety-laws. Qualton’s indoor stone fireplace selection is affordable luxury. 

Our selection is synonymous with style and our insistence on best-practices is safety assurance you can trust.  Our name is built on combined decades of stonemasonry excellence and we would never dream of offering you anything less than the absolute best that the industry has to offer, as matter of course. 

Are you seeking the best available quality and aesthetic in your fireplace design?  We thought so. You deserve it and it’s our honour to serve you with the ultimate in not only indoor stone fireplace solutions but also outdoor stone fireplace design. 

At Qualton we built our name on reliability.  We are industry leaders because we insist on world-class craftsmanship and we bring you our skills with pride to transform your interiors today. Stonemasonry is our art it’s our passion and it’s our responsibility to see you one-hundred per cent satisfied and delighted with the artistry we create for you and yours. 

Call us today, or drop us a line via email when you have time, or feel free to pop in to our showroom and take your time browsing our curated collection of state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor stone fireplace designs. 

Outdoor Stone Fireplace

At Qualton, we believe a hearth creates a home. In an office or consultation space, indoor stone fireplaces are synonymous with style and represent an atmosphere of stability mixed with warmth, timeless elegance and uniqueness. 

An indoor stone fireplace can serve as the focal point of a room it can create a starting point for the rest of your aesthetic interior design journey, or put the finishing touch on an existing fit-out. Qualton acknowledge that indoor and outdoor stone fireplaces are not only beautiful, but, clearly, functional, and, let’s face it, a more frugal option than any other for heating any sized-interior. 

Our mantlepieces and hearths are crafted by stonemasons with generations of industry best-practices as part of their DNA. Qualton cover Melbourne for indoor stone fireplaces.  Why?  Ours are the strongest, safest and the most stylish. 

Those in-the-know get their sturdy stone fireplaces across Melbourne from our friendly team at Qualton. An everlasting fireplace creates generations of enjoyment and a sense of tradition. 

Qualton make it easy. 

From replacing an existing fireplace to creating  a new one from scratch, we’ve got you. Warm in winter and stunning as a design feature in summer (perhaps, in warmer weather, with objet d’art placed elegantly in the hearth), a Qualton indoor stone fireplace guarantees your space is unique and effortlessly stylish.

Our selection of unique stoneware will delight you. 

Our variety and range are second to none. 

Qualton give you the features you want and the name you can trust. 

We’re looking forward to hearing from you when you are ready to experience everlasting fireplace designs of quality from Qualton.  Give us a call, drop in to our place for a look around or drop us a line.  We’re standing by and ready to answer any and all of your questions about creating the ultimate interior and exterior spaces with fireplaces as feature elements in your cherished space for timeless elegance and stye that lasts forever. 

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