Looking for highly durable and gorgeous benchtop options for your kitchen? Porcelain is a UV-resistant material, it retains its natural colour for many years to come, which makes it an ideal material for porcelain stone benchtops. 

Qualton brings you a sophisticated range of porcelain benchtops to enable you to design functional and distinctive kitchen spaces. 

In recent years, porcelain has gained popularity and is a preferred option for creating spaces with a sleek finish and clean lines. Incredibly strong and versatile, porcelain stone benchtops effortlessly suits various décor styles and look amazing for years. 

For stunning porcelain benchtops in Melbourne, get in touch with us to explore the design options. We are always adding new products to our range and are confident that you will come across the best options. If you are renovating the look of your kitchen or designing a new one, check out our gallery to view the porcelain stone benchtops options we have. 

If you are renovating the look of your kitchen or designing a new one, check out our gallery to view the options we have. 

Benefits of Porcelain Benchtops

Wondering what makes porcelain the ideal choice?

By installing porcelain, you can get the following benefits:

  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Heat resistant

If you are eager to add a contemporary twist to your kitchen, feel inspired by the porcelain options that we have for you. Each stone exudes unmatched glamour and offers just the perfect solution to make your dream kitchen design a reality. There are various colours to choose from and you have the flexibility to create a surface just the way you want. Affordable and offering a practical option, we have the best in store for you. 

A Complete Selection of Porcelain Kitchen Benchtops To Choose From

We are aware that every space is unique and so are your preferences. We wish to make it easy for you and bring you a broad range to choose from. The variety of porcelain stone benchtops colours and patterns offer wide possibilities and you can design your kitchen based on your personal preferences. 

Our porcelain stone benchtops range is priced affordably and you can get the best in terms of price and quality. Designed to offer superior performance, our stone benchtops will last for years and look beautiful. If you have any doubts or need our help to pick the right porcelain benchtops in Melbourne, connect with us. We are waiting to hear from you. 

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